What Is Redshift Heretic? 

You never know where a project will go until you roll up your sleeves and do it.

Redshift Heretic is THAT project.

Rewind a few years to the recording of the Infernal Divine compilation. There came a time where almost all the vocalists, for totally fair reasons, were unable to help out. That left Vic and I staring at each other wondering “What now?” So we decided “Hell with it; let’s make some music that WE can sing.”

Two things came out of that. One. Oily and hitch rose to the occasion as our current male and female lead singers, and I couldn’t be happier. Two. Vic and I discovered that we didn’t have the voices to carry a full project. Unwritten rule of songwriting – when you hit a wall, collaborate, improvise, and play to your strengths.

So we went with it. We challenged our ideas of what the vocal track should (or shouldn’t) be. We made straight-up instrumentals. We went on the prowl for interesting soundbites. We worked with all manner of vocalists, both old and new to our crew of performers. And we approached with lyrics less from a songwriters’ perspective and more from the place of “Does this sound cool?”

Hey, why not try different things?

Somewhere along the line, it became apparent that this particular combination of electronica, heavy rock, 80’s pop, and lyrical eclectica was distinct enough from Shai Azul that we felt it merited its’ own identity. Vic came up with the name of Redshift Heretic and took the lead on the artwork and visuals. It was great to work with Kelly again. Narration is her forte, and it was fun to craft tunes specifically with her skill in mind. And I have to say… it was energizing to bring in people who had never been in the studio before.

Shai Azul is more or less my baby, and will always have a profile of heavy, metal-influenced melodic pop because of it. With that, it’s cool to see other artists in the ensemble put their mark on things. Vic (or should we NOW say Professor Vic) is currently working on other projects. But I doubt this is the only noise that Redshift Heretic will ever make.

After all. The purpose of the collective called Shai Azul is to make cool music. What that ultimately looks like?

Well. That’s a story still to be told.

-anoN, December 2014


Redshift Heretic is the first branch project from Seattle based-recording ensemble Shai Azul. Building from their metal/industrial/pop foundation, Redshift Heretic takes the music in a more electronic, synthesizer-driven direction. Vocal contributions from eight different artists include spoken word, popular, ambient, and narrative moods. It’s uptempo, a little dark, a little retro. This is the kind of music you hear in a lively club or on a movie soundtrack. Or best of all… on your stereo or MP3 player. Go ahead. Give it a listen.